A Serpentine Science
Affonso Eduardo Reidy's Housing Pair

A Serpentine Science

A Serpentine Science: Affonso Eduardo Reidy’s Housing Pair was made possible through the Architectural League of New York’s Deborah J. Norden Fund in support of travel research. Thank you first to the Arch League and to everyone who helped me navigate Brazil during the documentation of these works—Letícia Mattos, Júlio Magro, and Nathalia Watanabe for being gracious hosts, Lee Ann Custer for assistance in visiting Pedregulho, Hamilton Marinho and Jorge Fafians for their generous access to the works and for their efforts in managing and maintaining these buildings, and especially Marcella Mattar for translating and supporting the entirety of these research travels. Thank you also to Yale School of Architecture and the Department of Architecture of Cambridge University whose Edward P. Bass Fellowship program provided additional feedback and resources to accomplish this study. Special thanks to Elia Zenghelis for first introducing me to the work of Affonso Eduardo Reidy and for being a constant champion and mentor throughout these efforts.

PROGRAM: Travel Research

CONTEXT: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SPONSOR: The Architectural League of New York