Fantastic Offense (FO) is a design and research practice proposing that architecture can be a proactive offense for the city. Thinking about urbanism and the role of utopia.
Fantastic Offense operates as a studio and think-tank that questions the profession through projective efforts. As a strategy for testing alternative roles for architecture in contemporary culture, FO is interested in challenging common assumptions and limits to the scope of architectural practice.
- architecture is not a service industry (not a defense)
- architecture is an agent for directing the future (an offense)
- architecture must act beyond traditional roles (redefine practice)
- architecture must project beyond the known (fantastic)


Bryan Maddock is an architect, Director of Fantastic Offense, and an Instructor of Architecture at The Design School at Arizona State University. Maddock’s ongoing research and design work emphasizes utopia as a strategic tool for proactive rebellion and a call for renewed professional agency. Prior to Fantastic Offense, Maddock was a project designer at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in New York and a designer at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in Hong Kong. Bryan received an MArch from the Yale School of Architecture (2014) and a MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies as a Bass Fellow in Architecture at the University of Cambridge (2017). He is the recipient of several recent awards that include the Architectural League of New York’s Deborah J. Norden Fund (2017), The Architectural Review’s Global Architecture Graduate Award (2014) and the H.I. Feldman Prize at Yale (2014).
Photo of Fantastic Offense Director, Bryan Maddock, in the studio